Over the years, I have experimented in a wide range of photography. I’ve done weddings and family portraits, covered concerts and sports, food and product, and whatever else I could find to photograph. I’ve taught classes for people wanting to learn the craft of photography when I was working at a local camera store. I just enjoy photography and having a camera in hand.

While the ongoing general advice for photographers is to find a niche and go for it, I could never do that. I love the challenge of the art. Aside from the small stints I did at a few small weekly newspapers, I have never called myself a photojournalist. However, my photographic mentality lends itself to that world. While I have limits and things I just won’t shoot; general speaking, I am willing to photograph nearly anything.

What Photography am I doing now?

Right now, my focus tends to be more toward the still life (product and food) photography. If I were to do portraits, which are indeed enjoyable, I am looking for more conceptual and story based portraits. I have finally transitioned from simply making images that look great, to actually wanting to tell a story with my images. While I believe that every photograph tells a story, I want to be more deliberate with my message.

My current big project is a representation of that new mentality. I am working toward putting a book together that tells the story of how climate change is affecting our planet. I am planning on using the National Parks as a lens for the viewer to look through. I’ve always been passionate about wanting to be more environmentally conscience with our actions, but even more today than any other time in my life. I would of course like to find people to work with to help spread that message.