About Me

If you are looking for the random ramblings of a wanna be hippy, photographer, storm chaser, and adventure fan that happens to like wearing tie dye…you have come to the right place!

My name is Shawn, and I’ve been a storm chasing and doing some form of photography since the early 90’s. The 1990’s, not 1890’s…I’m not that old yet. Though at this point, it feels like the latter one.

I love our planet and all the amazing things it has to offer. So yeah, I tend to be an environmentalist and will always advocate to do what we can to help protect it. Over the past few years, that has become my goal being a photographer. I want to help show the world how I feel when I look out at the beauty around us. My goal as a photographer is to tell a story that helps make others want to do the same. One day, I’ll finally finish my book on how climate change is affecting the planet through the lens of the National Parks.

Myself wearing a tie-dye shirt and floppy hat getting a kiss on the cheek from my daughter

My start in photography

I originally got into photography with my dad’s old Focal brand SLR form Kmart. It wasn’t much, but it was fun and I learned some basic exposure with it. I finally saved up some money and got a nice Pentax PZ-1p SLR which was a weird camera, but I really enjoyed it. And more importantly learned a lot more. I got a job at a camera store and eventually was a manager there and started teaching the photography classes and actually wrote the content for all of them.

Nearly 2000 people that attended over my time there, and seeing many of them out making stunning images today, I think I did a good job at helping others with their craft too. That’s a lot of the goal of this blog. Sure, I want to tell you about my images and adventures, but more importantly, I want to help you become a better photographer and be inspired to grow.

Today, I will shoot pretty much anything that interests me. However, I and really focused (no pun intended here…really) on the landscape and wildlife world. But, I absolutely enjoy still life photos and even portraits if the subject is right.

Why environmentalism?

I have always been cognizant that we need to protect our planet. When I made a trip out to Yellowstone NP in 2021, something clicked. Prior to that, I had put my cameras away for several years. Life got in the way and I just didn’t shoot much. But this trip with my daughter, to the place top on my list of places to visit, sparked something.

First, I rediscovered how much I loved having a camera in hand and seeing the world around me. Second, I knew that I needed to tell more people how amazing things are. Not just to say “Hey this is cool, check it out.”; but to say this is something we need to protect. I’m doing what I can to be sure that my daughter has a planet to live on.

Next steps

I’m sure that over time I will add more here and refine things. Right now this is a solid start to who I am. I will add a bit about my storm chasing and vanlife, but for now you will need to watch the blog for new posts. Or…better yet, follow me on social media and YouTube. I’ll leave those links right below.

Thanks for visiting and reading. If you have any questions about photography, chasing, vanlife, national parks or whatever, just email me. I am happy to answer!

And remember, be kind to our planet and each other. They are all we have.