About the Tie Dyed Wanderer

Photographer, Storm Chaser, Adventurer, National Park fan and frequent wearer of tie dye.

Yeah, that’s me. Sorry, not wearing tie dye. I know, how can I put an image of me without tie dye when I call myself the Tie Dyed Wanderer? Anyways, this was one of my first solo trips out to the Badlands in South Dakota.

Who am I?

I guess I am first and foremost a photographer. I’ve covered high school sports for local papers, had a billboard of one of my images, shot events for a radio station on a regular basis, covered breaking news for both print and TV, and shot weddings and portraits on occasion. That was all before I “left photography”.

After putting down the camera for nearly a decade, A family trip to Yellowstone National park rekindled my love of the craft. Specifically, working to tell the story of environmentalism and climate change. Along with that, I also had a chance to restart another love of mine: storm chasing. Initially, the plan was to chase full time and make my money streaming like several of my friends do. After trying it though, I really discovered that I love the photography and the chase itself. So, I have put the streaming on the back burner to really work on capturing images that are beautiful and inspiring.

Of the various projects and I am now working on, I really want to focus on telling the story of how climate change is affecting our planet using the national parks as my “lens”. A smaller, more intimate project is also telling how I discovered a love of the Badlands in South Dakota.

While you won’t see me marketing myself as a portrait photographer, I will periodically either offer or be willing to do a session for the right client. My style tends to be much more an editorial type where telling a story about the person is more important than the person themselves. Reach out if you are looking for a photographer to tell your story, I might be interested.

My main goal though, is to make images of beautiful places, work on my book(s), and to help fund that sell prints and other merchandise. Check out the shop to see if there is anything there that speaks to you.

Until then, take care of the planet. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. It really is that easy.